The Things I Buy: You’re Cute cards from The Bold Italic

After having worked on a couple of SF related projects, I’ve discovered a few blogs/sites I’ve continued to follow bc they’re just so interesting to read and keep up with even from the East Coast.  The Bold Italic is one of those sites, and they also happen to have a shop, from which I purchased these awesome cards.

If you haven’t heard about my note flirting game, it’s pretty fucking great- but who has time to whip out your notebook or find a napkin to jot a flirty message on especially when you’re on the go.  Bought these cards from them to make things a little bit easier for me.  I mean… I often start off with this line anyway.

I also bought the "feels unresolved" stamp if disapproval.  It’s the best way to convey “i don’t really get it”.