E[nsitute] is throwing a Tech Homecoming!

… and we’re nominated for Best Startup Couple!  We know we’re not your typical couple by standard definition, but we’ve said since day one that the experience of starting this business together is akin to the experience of dating.  

We met at a party, introduced by two friends, and found ourselves as the last two people dancing together at the end of the night. #swoon

We discovered each other’s social media the next day and slowly but surely we started going out to lunch and taking each other as our eternal +1 to events and introducing one another to our circles of friends.  A lot of the activity we do in the name of our clients has mirrored the way our own relationship was built: (launch) parties, social media (management), and introductions to new friends (& partners.)

When we founded Small Girls, we spent every waking minute together, from office to meals to meetups to events and demos.  We were the first we’d text in the morning and the last we’d talk to at night, as we made it our lives to start this business from nothing.

So you see… we’re just as eligible to win as any other couple.

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(photo by Alex Crawford for ReFashioner shoot)t