My Week in Fashions- Momentous Moments

A Wedding: Went to probably one of the chicest weddings last week for my friends Joey and Chris.  The theme was all black everything, so you can imagine the artists’ loft that the ceremony was held in filled with their pretty & fashionable friends in all black with their personal style twists.  I rocked my black Samantha Pleet onesie, a linen shirt with an overextended collar, and emperor jacket. My crew for the night- Mac in a  turban, tights + American Apparel shorts, and Hussein Chalayan for Puma jacket, and Corey in that leather jacket, glasses thing.  Joey of course wore a gorgeous gold gown, in the sea of black.  I mean… bride’s gotta stand out. #allblackerrythang 

A Birthday: Mallory’s birthday party was Saturday night and I ended up zablonsking at Zablonski’s with these fashion bitches afterwards- Taisa (Amahhhhzing) and Melanie of Closet Freaks.  My outfit was somewhere between Mallory’s lacy dress and Aaron’s cowboy shirt for that night- as I wore a cowboy shirt with a lacy skirt.  Unfortunately I don’t have a picture with the two of them.  I’m sure some will surface on the internet soon.

L- @coreykindberg instagram, R- @taisa_veras instagram