The Things I Wear: You Ridin’? I’m Ridin’.

Guys, I’ve never been on a motorcycle before.  That’s a fact.  Until this past weekend that is.  In this new fun/adventurous date situation with this boy, I got to cross riding on the back of a motorcycle off my bucket list.

The thing is, upon hearing that I was going on a motorcycle riding date on Saturday, my friend Theo who was shooting a video with one of the bands on his label requested that we come as extras and bring the bike… therefore hijacking our date. [This seems to be a pattern with our dates…]

And so what I thought was going to be an afternoon spent riding around my neighborhood, turned into an afternoon at a music video shoot… which THEN turned into a ride over the Williamsburg bridge into Manhattan (beautiful), riding around in lower Manhattan, and then riding through the Holland Tunnel (which kind of made me feel like I was in Tron).  By the end of it, I basically decided I don’t ever not want to be on the back of a motorcycle ever.  I’m actually kind of sad I’m not sitting on one right now.

  • Leather Jacket- Zara (from my BFF Leigh)
  • Nudey Pink top- Urban Outfitters
  • Coinpurse necklace- Cheap Monday
  • Purse- Charming Charlie (which came in SO handy when he told me that I couldn’t wear my regular purse and had to have something cross body… but had to be big enough to hold everything I needed)
  • JBrand cutoff shorts, tights, motorcycle boots - not pictured
  • Sportbike- Kawasaki Ninja
  • Helmet & Gloves- idk, they were his… but I’m seriously toying with the idea of just owning a helmet for myself.  You know, for parties and such.  Helmets make for great accessories… albeit hard to drink and makeout in.