The HOTcakes, “Lucky Girl,” from their “Gonna Go Out!” EP, which is released today… and the EP release party is this Saturday, Dec. 11, 11pm at Arlene’s Grocery (admission includes free EP download).

The New Yorker says this band “pairs the glamorous urgency of Blondie with the thundering flamboyance of vintage Queen.”

Small Girls client, The Hotcakes, have released their new EP, “Gonna Go Out!” today! Yay!

I love dancing to this song.  In fact, after Peter posted it I played it a few times and then started dancing…. then started recording myself dancing… then changed into a sequin hoodie and continued to record the dancing… then put on a party dress and a feather head-piece… and… well… you know where this is going.

Video up soon. ;)

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