A Day at the Museum

… also titled The Happiest Girl in the World or Dino-Truder

I almost didn’t make this video because I was literally dancing to no music at the museum and couldn’t find a good enough song to cut everything into.  Enter the Bed Intruder Song


  • Doing the Gallimimus next to an Ornithomimid skeleton… yea the goofy dance bouncing around with my arm in the air, taught to me by comedian Greg Barris (the Gallimimus is under that family so we’re just going to say that’s what the skeleton was)
  • Dancing in front of a dimly lit Komodo Dragon display
  • Running through the planet room
  • Doing the moonwalk in front of a panoramic photo of the moon
  • Dancing with some skeletons in the Hall of Human Origins
  • Riding an air balloon through the Safari, hanging with some birds and stuff, swimming with some sharks, and HUGGING EVERYTHING

I love the American Museum of Natural History.